Everything is Broken on Fishyfish and other domains.

Our humble apologies, everything is broken but we are working hard to fix things.

We have no ETA but will fix as soon as humanly possible.


InMotionHosting.com has notified me via email that my account has been moved into quarantine because Malware was found.

This account has approximately 47 domains and websites, most of which are simple one page sites. There is the Fishyfish forum, and several mission critical websites for my own, and friend's businesses. Most of these are on Wordpress.

InMotionHosting.com has yet to provide one file containing Malware, and so I have requested a rescan. That rescan is complete but apparently there was no malware found. I've requested a complete restoration of the account.

Interestingly, InMotionHosting.com's original email sat in my spam folder for two days before they shut all the sites down. The email offers a malware repair service with InMotionHosting.com's "partner" https://sucuri.net. I am highly suspicious of this chain of events, and hold InMotionHosting.com responsible for shutting down the Tolman Skiff Forum, and all the other sites, with ZERO proof I had Malware contamination.

It takes InMotionHosting.com approximately 24 hours for them to respond to each communication, and thus we are still down.

Will update as soon as I know more.

P.S. I am pissed off.